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 Discribing HaNoi capital

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Discribing HaNoi capital   Sat May 07, 2011 10:04 pm

Discribing HaNoi capital.

Do you like to travel? You do not
know where to travel, do you? In VietNam , there are a lot of wonderful
landscapes to travel such as: Ha Long
bay in Quang Ninh, It is recognized
as one of the twenty-nine most beautiful bays in the world, Do Son in
Hai Phong city , Sam Son in Thanh Hoa,
the beauty of Da Nang coastal city, Phong Nha Ke Bang cave in Quang Binh
province and so on… But I like to travel
to HaNoi
capital best.

HaNoi capital is located on the right bank of the Red river. Coming to HaNoi,
there are many the attractive wonderful landscapes to sight like: HoChiMinh
mausoleum, HaNoi opera house, One pillar pagoda,
Temple of literature which is the first
university in VietNam.
Four years ago, I came to HaNoi
to take examination of university. I and my uncle visited the temple of
literature to touch the head of turtle therefore I felt more confident. Now, I
am studying at university of mining and geology. In fact, I also believe at the
gods. If you love history and want to search VietNamese history, you can visit
Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Raced (Ethnographic) museum or Museum of people’s armed
force. There, you are able to observe remaining proof of the war so that you
can widen your knowledge of history. When you have free time, you can invite
your friend or your girlfriend to go to HaNoi
opera house to watch movie or drama to relax after the days, you work hard. You
and your girlfriend can also stand on the Long Bien bridge to watch the sunrise
over the Red river. That is very romantic. If
you want to pray for your family luckily, you should go to the One pillar
pagoda or Tuong Quoc pagoda which are the old pagoda in Viet Nam. There, you can also read
books, listen to music, take photograph or go around it for sightseeing because
it is quiet. In HaNoi
taxis are available. They are the best transport meaning to travel long
distances however they are rather expensive. Actually, If you do not want to
spend a lot on taxi, you can take xe ôm (motorbike-hug) or a bus. But the
pedicabs (or cyclos) are a cheap way to make shorter trips. If you love Hoan
Kiem lake, you had better go around it with your friends by pedicab. There, you
will see Ngoc Son temple, The Huc bridge which is traversed Hoan kiem lake and
turtle tower. Or If you love the old quarters, you ought to visit them but you
do not use a taxi or a car to get in there because It is forbidden. You can
only use the motorbike, the pedicab and so on…The pedicab is popular there. HaNoi has thirty-six
streets and districts. There, you will enjoy food, folk picture, Hang Trong
picture and so on… If you want to
exercise in the morning or need a quiet place to read books, you should go to
the park like: Thu Le park in Cau Giay district, Bach Thao park, Thong Nhat (Le
Nin) park or Hoa Binh park that is completed two years ago to welcome Thang
Long one thousand commemoration. It not only welcomed a lot of tourists from
different parts of our country but also foreign tourists.

HaNoi has progressive economic because it
attracts a lot of foreign investment projects therefore you will have many
opportunities to find a good job with high salary and professional working
environment so you can assert yourself. Besides that, it has Dong Xuan market
which is the biggest market in HaNoi
that’s why it accommodates much of the goods exchange throughout the area.

is the largest center of education in Viet Nam. It is estimated that
sixty-two percent of the scientists in the whole country are living and working
there. There are some famous university such as: HaNoi
university of technology, HaNoi national university,
HaNoi medical university, university of fine and
art and Thang Long private university that is the first private university in Viet Nam. There, you can study with
many good teachers so you must study hard because education in HaNoi is stricter than
other cities. You should take part in social activities like: green summer
(volunteer students) or the clubs such as: English club, drama club, chess club
and so on…You can also exchange culture
with many foreigners from other countries. Besides that, you are able to attend
the festivals like: Lang Giong festival, the catching snake festival in Le Mat
village, genki (cherry blossom) festival on Giang Vo street and so on… Cherry blossom
festival is held every year.

When you come to HaNoi, you should enjoy food there. There are
many kinds of special food in HaNoi like: Thanh Tri stuffed pancakes, sweet
corn, Duc cake, earthenware pots, fried fish, fried spring roll, Phở (VietNamese
noodle), Cốm in Vang village. It is made of sticky rice and curled into the
lotus leave and so on… Actually, Phở is not only the most popular in Viet Nam but
also other countries. When it is the winter, everybody likes to eat hot food to
feel warm but when it is the summer they like to eat cool food to feel cool
such as: Trang Tien ice cream is famous in HaNoi. Especially, that is Thang VietNamese
noodle which is made of many material like: mushroom, fish, chicken, onion,
shrimp and boiled bone water. It is not only that special food but also food
for the souls like: hoa sữa tree ( milk flower tree). In the eyes of love HaNoi, the capital city
of thousand years of history is powerful and elegant stately, elegant and still
enjoy milk plant.

United milk, flowers are blooming
massively like short snow very quickly, just after the first spring rains are
not up to awaken someone torus xao.
Unknown flower called milk or xua but they like milk and love passionately.

HaNoi capital is a symbol of VietNamse
people. It expressed great fortitude and indomitable VietNamese people. You
will feel interesting when you stay there.
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: Discribing HaNoi capital   Wed May 11, 2011 6:54 am

you are right.i have gone there before.but i don't fell comfortable a little.so right now Ha Noi become complex more and more.Actualy i don't like it very much.

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Discribing HaNoi capital
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